Anonymous: Øjne
  • favourite song: the one they will be realeasing on the split with rainmaker lol
  • least favourite song: mh, i’ll pass this one. it’s been a while since i last listened to their record, so i can’t pick one.
  • have i ever seen them live: yes, only once, but i’m going to see them again next friday.
  • favourite band member: jacopo. try to guess which one.
  • least favourite band member: same as above hehe.
  • how many of their albums i have: just one for now, it’s the undici/dodici 12” vynil.
  • favourite album: undici/dodici.
  • favorite lyrics: i can’t remember right now, sorry.
  • favorite music video: as far as i know, they don’t have any.
  • ever met any members: i met them all.
Anonymous: raein
  • favourite song: tigersuit.
  • least favourite song: i still can’t get into the last song they released, amore e guerra.
  • have i ever seen them live: yep, around four times.
  • favourite band member: andrea, of course, since he’s able to bear me when i fangirl too much on his band.
  • least favourite band member: don’t have one, they’re a bunch of cuties ha.
  • how many of their albums i have: shame on me, i own any vynil or anything. so pls, buy me one
  • favourite album: this is too much, i really can’t choose.
  • favorite lyrics: 4 di 6
  • favorite music video: do they actually put out any?
  • ever met any members: as said, andrea is somehow a friend of mine. anyhow, i met them all.
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